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Roberto and Devona Perez


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Laughing Waters

I cannot begin to express how thankful my family is for the hard work, dedication and diligence you expended on our behalf. I knew it was going to be a challenge to plan a wedding in Jamaica "from scratch" as I'd like to say being here in Florida. I chose not to have a wedding at a hotel with their pret-a-porter wedding packages. I wanted to have choice and freedom to create a weekend formy family and friends that was unforgettable. After a couple false starts with some planners that did not work out, Island Bride Jamaica truly came to the rescue. What a fabulous combination. I had Carmel here in Florida to call and harass and who could call me and meet with me at the drop of a hat--and by the way harass me into keeping on task. And in Jamaica I had Shikima meeting with vendors and scoping out locations on the ground and always available for my after hours conference calls. You had the connections, the vendors and know-how to create a completely tailored "from scratch" wedding. I truly felt like I was given the all-star treatment (without the all star money). Without your hard work and vision my wedding could not have been the dream come true that it was. On my wedding day I was so relaxed that family members were in awe--but all the time I knew that my secret weapons Carmel and Shikima would do all the worrying for me and make sure everything was absolutely perfect---and that you did.

No matter what the challenge and how ridiculous my requests, you ladies handled yourself with professionalism and such grace that you have impressed us beyond measure and we would gladly and profusely recommend you to any bride undertaking the daunting task of planning a destination wedding. Thank you for accomodating my crazy schedule, strange and stubborn ideas, and for giving me the vision to create a spectacular weekend for my family and friends. Thank you for your honesty, fastiduous execution, for thinking of all the things that I didnt, for putting out the fires and coming through every single time. In truth, you have created an innovative and incredible business and I know you guys will be the leaders in your field.

This note doesnt even come close to expressing how grateful my husband and I and my father are for the incredible work that you did. It would be my honor for you to post this humble note of gratitude on your website.

Photography by: Ryan Lue Clark