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Island Bride Jamaica has been the preferred choice for the planning of destination weddings in Jamaica over the last couple of years, because we offer a customized, first class service for each of our wedding couples, as well as the knowledge and experience to plan their dream wedding in Jamaica. Overall creating an exciting and unique destination experience - from engagement to honeymoon, we’ve got you covered.

From your first consultation to “I Do” and even planning your honeymoon, Island Bride Jamaica is there with you every step of the way. Island Bride Jamaica prides itself with always being up to date with the latest in the wedding industry, and are continuously innovating their services and offerings for our clients.

SHIKIMA HINDS- Managing Director & Wedding planner

Why you like planning weddings: “I’ve always had a passion for planning events, and there’s no other life event as special and unique as a wedding. A wedding has so many diverse elements: bride, groom, family, food, décor and so much more and I love that!”

Shikima’s favorite moment in a wedding: - “The Groom’s Reply gives a real look at the couples soul, and the first dance… it’s the "Ah!" moment for the couple when it actually sinks in that they’re married.”

Shikima is a go-getter and has a very detailed eye… nothing misses her. Her ultimate goal is to ensure everyone’s happy. When she’s not planning a wedding, Shikima can be found at a beach somewhere, cooking up a storm, and pretty much is always reading a newspaper.

Executive Director & Wedding Planner.

Why you like planning weddings: - “I love starting with a wedding design concept, with the couples input, then having a great team of wedding professionals making it come to life. I always look forward to our couple’s reaction when they see their vision come together. Especially when they say: This is more than I ever dreamed of!”

Carmel’s favorite moment in a wedding: - “My favorite moment in a wedding is listening to a couples personalized vows and their toasts to their family and friends. It gives a sense of their passion for each other and the love they have for the people who have come to share this special day with them.”

Carmel is Humorous, energetic, passionate and a perfectionist; she has a personality that can always make the couple smile. When she’s not planning a wedding, Carmel is jet setting as she loves to travel, working out and trying out new cuisines… foodie at heart!

Island Bride Jamaica Assistant Planners & Jr. Wedding Planners: A team that’s involved in various aspect of the wedding, especially on the wedding day. They act as a right hand to the Wedding Planner and help with the details. We call them wedding stars in the making.


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